Big Data Analytics for Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Situational Awareness


  • Catherine Ordun
  • Timothy Davis
  • Brante Goode
  • Dean Ross
  • Mike Hopmeier



An expert panel will share insights from the National Disaster Medical System, Vermont Department of Health, the National Park Service, and Department of Defense, regarding the application of big data analytics on situational awareness of Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs). Moderated by Booz Allen Hamilton, the panel will share examples from their agencies about the information/data challenges of responding to MCIs, and suggest how analytic methods used to detect disease outbreaks, for example, could be applied. Booz Allen will present 10 situational awareness information-needs criteria identified in a survey of federal experts that could be used to build an analytics tool.




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Ordun, C., Davis, T., Goode, B., Ross, D., & Hopmeier, M. (2015). Big Data Analytics for Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Situational Awareness. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics, 7(1).



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