Using Mobile Technology to Help Eliminate Malaria in Zanzibar


  • Gordon M. Cressman
  • Michael V. McKay
  • Abdul-wahid Al-Mafazy
  • Mahdi M. Ramsan
  • Abdullah S. Ali
  • Issa A. Garimo
  • Humphrey Mkali
  • Jeremiah J. Ngondi



Decision support systems for malaria elimination must support rapid response to contain outbreaks. The integrated mobile system in Zanzibar has been recognized as one of the most advanced in the world. The system consists of a simple facility-based case notification system that uses common feature phones, and a mobile application for Android tablet computers. The resulting system enables rapid response to new cases, helps to rapidly diagnose and treat secondary case, and provides high-quality data for identifying hot spots, trends, and transmission patterns. This presentation will review the history, technology, results, lessons-learned, and applicability to other contexts.




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Cressman, G. M., McKay, M. V., Al-Mafazy, A.- wahid, Ramsan, M. M., Ali, A. S., Garimo, I. A., … Ngondi, J. J. (2015). Using Mobile Technology to Help Eliminate Malaria in Zanzibar. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics, 7(1).



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