Epidemiology of Gunshot-Related Injuries in NYC Emergency Departments from 2004-2014


  • Mansi Agarwal
  • Nimi Idaikkadar
  • Don Weiss




Syndromic surveillance identified temporal and spatial patterns in gunshot related visits that are comparable to findings from the New York Police Department, suggesting that ED syndromic data have potential to be used as an accurate near-real time tracking system of gun-related injuries. Syndromic data may not capture all fatal gun-related violence but do include patients who were dead on arrival to the ED. As gunshot-related injuries are typically emergencies, we do not expect patients to be using other health care facilities for these types of visits. Therefore, ED data can be used to evaluate and improve interventions targeting gun-related injuries. Continued monitoring of gunshot-related visits can be beneficial in identifying local hot spots in gun violence around NYC for an efficient public health response by health professionals, law enforcement, policy makers, and community-based organizations.




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Agarwal, M., Idaikkadar, N., & Weiss, D. (2015). Epidemiology of Gunshot-Related Injuries in NYC Emergency Departments from 2004-2014. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.5210/ojphi.v7i1.5665



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