COMBS: A Biosurveillance Ecosystem (BSVE) Prototype

Michael E. Cleary, Erik T. Antelman, Natalya Markuzon, Sarah M. Miller, Timothy A. Postlethwaite, Zahar Prasov


The goal of DTRA's Biosurveillance Ecosystem (BSVE) program is to significantly reduce the time required to identify threats to human health, whether of malicious or natural origin, and respond appropriately. Draper Laboratory is leading a team to develop the Collaborative Overarching Multi-feed Biosurveillance System (COMBS) for BSVE to revolutionize biosurveillance capabilities.  USG analysts whose jobs are to reduce risks to national security will benefit from rapid and thorough information access, as will local public health authorities and individual citizens. This poster will provide an overview of the COMBS project and current progress towards meeting the goals of the BSVE.

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Online Journal of Public Health Informatics * ISSN 1947-2579 *