Dear authors,

We are getting ready to start migrating the articles submitted to OJPHI to the JMIR Publications platform. Currently, we have 60 articles under review and 35 yet to be submitted to reviewers. As I have stated already, the main reason for publishing under the JMIR platform is the availability of reviewers who will expedite the review process to within 6-8 weeks.  This is the only way to sustain the journal. 

The migration process will start in early February, 2023.  I want to thank al the authors for having faith in the journal. However, before we begin the migration I would ask all authors whose papers are under  review and those yet to be submitted to the review process to confirm whether they want their papers to be migrated or to be withdrawn.  The technical staff want to know the responses of the authors  this week.

You may respond on the OJPHI portal or email me directly at

I want to take this opportunity to thank all members of the OJPHI editorial board and the reviewers  for their services over the past 13 years. Retaining all of you will be my preference.  However, reviewers, board members, and section editors  who want to withdraw their services should also respond directly to me at  Again, my preference is to continue working with all of you.

I guarantee you that the future will be brighter than the past 13 years.

Best regards,

Edward Mensah, PhD

Emeritus Assoc. Professor

University of Illis Chicago

Editor, OJPHI