Journal History

LF dates its initial publication to the spring of 1975 and is indebted to the initiative of Costa Rican playwright, poet, short-story writer and scholar Victoria Urbano, who conceived the idea of a journal devoted explicitly to promoting the work of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian writers.  With the support of Professors Eva Rudat, Hope Hamilton and Yvonne Barrett of the University of Colorado at Boulder, Urbano founded the Asociación de Literatura Femenina Hispánica (ALFH).  The first two volumes (Spring and Fall of 1975) were edited by Professor Eva Kahiluoto Rudot of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  From 1976 to Spring 1984 (vols. II – IX) were edited by Urbano at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, with co-editors Kathleen Glenn for vols. 3 and 4 and Elizabeth Espadas for vols. 5-7.  Professor Adelaida López de Martínez took over the editorship of the journal from Fall 1984 to Fall 2000, during which time the journal was housed and published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Professor Ksenija Bilbija of the University of Wisconsin-Madison edited the journal from 2001-2004.  Professor Carmen de Urioste of the University of Arizona State University was editor of the journal from 2005-2014.  There have been over twenty guest editors in the journal’s history.  The influence and contributions of the Association’s presidents have been instrumental to the support of the journal.