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Focus and Scope

Letras femeninas. A Journal of Women and Gender Studies in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures, is the official journal of the Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica (AILCFH). Lf publishes original and significant contributions to the study of Hispanic and U.S. Latina/o literature, film and culture and on feminist or gender theory. Critical studies on Brazilian and Portuguese women authors and filmmakers are also welcome. The journal also publishes interviews with Hispanic and Latina authors, filmmakers and prominent scholars in women and gender studies, original (previously unpublished) work by Hispanic and Latina women writers, poets, playwrights, and reviews of recent publications of interest to our readers.


We welcome critical article submissions written in Spanish, English or Portuguese in the following areas:

-   Articles on Spanish, Latin American, Spanish-speaking Caribbean, U.S. Latina women’s literature, film and other arts.  Articles on Portuguese and Brazilian literature and film by women, or with a focus on gender, will also be considered for publication. Studies on works by a particular writer, filmmaker or artist must place the work in a larger literary, socio-political, historical, or economic context and demonstrate the author’s or filmmaker’s contribution to that area. Articles should be fully conversant with existent scholarship on the work, author, filmmaker, or artist studied. Critical debates regarding particular approaches to the work or works discussed should be explicitly recognized within the text or in endnotes. Endnotes should be used largely to add factual information on work or author/filmmaker pertinent to the argument, or to reflect in more detail on differing interpretations of the text studied. Article submissions should not exceed twenty five pages, double spaced, including notes but not references.  All submissions must be accompanied by a 200-300 word abstract. All article submissions must follow MLA Style

- Articles that propose a demonstrably original and carefully considered reading of a single brief work or short film but do not place the text or film firmly within a larger context will be considered for the subsection ”Notes.” These may not exceed twelve pages in length, notes and bibliography included.  (The MLA Bibliography will list them as articles).

- Articles on feminist and/or gender theory relevant to Hispanic, Portuguese and Latina literary and cultural studies. These articles may range between twelve and twenty-five pages.

- Articles on the representation of women, women’s writing, and/or gender relations in literature and films by Hispanic, Latino, or Luso-Brazilian male and transgender authors and directors-- may not exceed twenty five pages in length, notes included.

- Articles on lesbian and transgender studies in Hispanic or US-Latina literature, film and art. These articles may not exceed twenty five pages in length, notes included.


Lf publishes interviews with Hispanic, Portuguese or Latina women writers, poets, playwrights, filmmakers, and artists.  Interviews with widely influential women scholars, theorists and critics are also welcome.  Please submit a description of your interview in advance, as only one interview is included in each issue. Interviews with authors and film directors may focus primarily on a single work but must address the author’s or filmmaker’s entire oeuvre in the process.


Lf welcomes unpublished work by women authors, poets, and playwrights.  A selected chapter from an unpublished novel will also be considered.  Submissions may not exceed 4000 words in length. Authors must confirm that the work has never been published previously (not even in online publications) and must agree not to publish the work elsewhere within a year of the journal issue’s publication.


Lf reviews books on women authors and filmmakers, and on women and gender-related studies published within two years of the current issue’s publication. Preference will be given to works published by well-respected academic presses. AILCFH members can request to review books listed for review on AILCFH newsletters. The Book Review Editor reserves the right to solicit review articles on multiple recent works on a single topic as well as single reviews.  The general editor may require additional revisions.


Section Policies

Artículos / Articles

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Entrevista / Interview

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Creación / Poetry and Fiction

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Reseñas / Reviews

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Peer Review Process

Assessment process

In order to ensure that the work published in Letras Femeninas meet the standards of the best academic publications in our field, the journal relies on the Editorial Committee’s specialized knowledge and critical judgement. Letras Femeninas’ Editorial Committee  is formed by specialists in the various areas that the journal addresses, and a select group of external evaluators appointed ad hoc depending on the topic of the articles submitted to publication.

Please, see Spanish version for full details.