2016 BioImages Gallery

This JBC Gallery features award winning images and media from the BioImages exhibition at BIOCOMM 2016, the BCA's 86th Annual Meeting that was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Entries were evaluated by a panel of judges based on the work's impact, clarity, scientific content, technique, lighting, image quality, presentation, creativity, originality, and effective use of the medium.

Best of Show Award, Award of Excellence, and Citation of Merit awards, in addition to five sponsored Merit Awards, were given in three visual media divisions - Still, Graphics, and Motion.

Award winners were announced at the 2016 BIOCOMM Opening Reception and BioImages Award Ceremony, held each year in conjunction with the association's annual meeting.

Some of these creative works garnered more that one award, and appear here more than once. The named awards are revealed for each image when enlarged.

To view the entire 2016 BCA BioImages Salon, please visit: http://bca.org/gallery/bioimages2016.html

The individual award winners and/or their respective institutions retain full authorship and copryright of these creative works.

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Lifecycle of Basidiomycota Bullous retinal detachment Causes of ischemia and stroke in the lower thoracic and lumbar spinal cord Acute Inflammation
Dinosaur Bone Lifecycle of Basidiomycota Will Chu Shu-Wei Contemplation Epidermoid Cyst
Drosophila suzukii, head Claw and Hairs on a Spider's Leg Semblance XXXIII Pine Squirrel Eating Nut
Bullous retinal detachment Naevus Dinosaur Bone Stromatolite Fossil
Leioceras Promicoceras RCH Education Institute - The hospital space is a learning place Delivering Great Care - RCH Quality of Care Report 2014-15
Causes of ischemia and stroke in the lower thoracic and lumbar spinal cord Corticotropin releasing hormone receptor bound to its ligand Lifecycle of Basidiomycota Giraffe and Human Cervical Vertebrae
Your Health Newsletter The Lifecycle of the Rainbow Scarab Beetle Monster Rock


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