Showcase #2 - Marcia Kartsock

Our JBC Showcase section features collections of biomedical photography, medical illustrations, and other award-winning imagery from accomplished individuals in the field of biocommunication. The medical illustrators and photographers featured in our Showcase collections often are individuals who have been awarded or honored by the Association of Medical Illustrators or the Biocommunications Association.

This JBC Showcase features the medical illustration and fine art of Marcia Hartsock, who was the recipient of the Association of Medical Illustrators’ 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. Marcia's award was presented at Awards Ceremony during the AMI's 2015 annual meeting at the Cleveland Clinic.

The purpose of the Lifetime Achievement Award is to acknowledge and honor a medical illustrator, who has been a Professional AMI Member for at least 30 continuous years, and whose life, their professional work, and other accomplishments have significantly contributed to the profession.

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Lymph Nodes of the Neck Infectious Arthritis Fluid regulation Tubal Ligation
Lumbar anatomy Anterior knee Pustule nodule Allergic rhinitis
Arterial clot formation Tinels Test at Carpal Tunnel Lens layers Section of retina
Breastfeeding Self portrait Studio 1 montage Studio 2 montage
Alaska 1 Alaska 2 Lamar Valley 1 Montana Fields


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