Gary W. Schnitz Showcase

Our JBC Showcase section features collections of bioscientific photographs, medical illustrations, and other award-winning imagery from accomplished individuals in the field of biocommunication. Medical illustrators and photographers featured in our Showcase collections often are individuals who have been awarded or honored by the Association of Medical Illustrators or the Biocommunications Association.

This JBC Showcase features the medical illustration and photography of Gary Schnitz, who was the recipient of the Association of Medical Illustrators’ 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award. Gary's award was presented at the Awards Ceremony during the AMI's 2014 annual meeting at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

The AMI Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor awarded by the Association of Medical Illustrators, and is awarded to an individual who has dedicated his or her professional life as a medical illustrator. In doing so, this individual has engaged with fellow illustrators, not only to support the ideals of the profession, but also to ensure that it thrives, progresses, and advances the Association.

The medical illustrations appearing in this Showcase were created using various illustration software, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Affinity Designer, Autodesk Mudbox, and ZBrush.

The photographic images in this Showcase were made with large format photographic techniques (non-digital). Camera equipment included a 4 x 5 Sinar-F view camera (Zurich) and an 8 x 10 Deardorff Field Camera (Chicago). Black and white negative sheet film and color transparency film were used to create these images.

Gary collaborates with physicians, attorneys, scientists, and biopharma specialists in the creation of medical illustrations and other visually driven content. This native Hoosier currently resides and works in Carmel, Indiana.



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Lumbar Disk Herniation End to Side Anastomosis DIAM Implant Location of Stomach Cancer
Bacteria Migration from Capilllary Liver Tumor Synapse Chondromalacia Patellae
Synapse Septal Cartilage Graft Eyebrow Laceration Flexor Tendon Pulley Anatomy
Vascular Injury During Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Brain Aneurysm Orientation Planes of Head Back Muscles
Nerve Cells Femoral Neck Fracture Fixation Ulnar Intramedullary Rod Placement Pancreas with Inflammed Sphincter of Oddi and Swollen Duct
Passer Domesticus Quadriceps Mechanism - Range of Motion Heart Valve Heart Valve
Microscopes Artificial Heart Valve Lumbar Vertebrae Research


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